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2010-06-20 23:49:02 by desertforce

I can do animations, realistic art, comic art, gory art and I am pretty good at animations like walk cycles, attack cycles and running, exploding. I also know some basic AS3 and am familiar with class files.

some examples of my work:

this is stuff that I have half-completed or abandoned 2dc94f1f3f28a68407dcf1d16c4585 07c7a1b0963695a306bc6636e37353 cd7c6687088b165fbbebdcdcd913c5 1687ee0ae8c3ce1e1714d24b820ce9


You are the sole survivor of a science expedition to Mars gone horribly wrong. The mission was to extract a rare substance similar to uranium and transport back to earth for research. The party is amushed by creatures, and all but yourself are mercilessly slain and devoured. You must barricade yourself and use any means nessecary to defend yourself while you wait for help to arrive.

Here is a preview of the game so far: 45a82aa5e97ba8ed75184e88199a8a

desertforce's stuff


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2010-12-26 13:16:46

game kinda looks the same as an other game but i cant remember the name...So you are an animator are you looking for a writer?